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Gorgeous make-ups include various Eyelash packages, Glue Eyeliner, False eyelashes, Strip Lashes Glue, make-up Tools, ect. The products do not have any MOQ requirement. We always have samples in stock for customers to test promptly, 

modify, research and develop at initial stages, or directly place orders for production and shipment.

Gorgeous Eyelashes 3D mink eyelashes have the best 3D effect. The eyelashes have passed SGS quality test. The mink hair is soft and no shedding even pulled using force. They still keep the original shape and good 3D effect, even after washing in hot water. You do not have to worry about your lashes changing shape after cleaning them. We can make both cotton band and clear band eyelashes. They can be reused 25 to 30 times. We also do magnetic eyelashes, 3D Faux mink eyelashes, Glue eyeliner, and private label packaging.
Wholesale Glue Eyeliner waterproof Gorgeous Eyelashes
Wholesale Gel eyeliner pen with glue, 2 in 1, glue and eyeliner.  While using it, you don't have to use glue anymore.It is sticky, waterproof and anti-allergy. We passed MSDS quality certificate.It is new in the market. Some of our big makeup clients had tested sample and start trial order. Waterproof Glue Eyeliner pencil. New Product! Eyeliner pencil with glue, 2 in 1, glue and eyeliner. While using it, you dont have to use glue anymore. Works to Strip Eyelashes and Magnetic Eyelashes. It is sticky, waterproof and anti-allergy. It passes MSDS quality certificate. 3 Colors available, White, Black, Brown.  Able to hold eyelashes for 12 hours.)
Customized Tino Faux Mink Faux Lashes Manufacturers | Gorgeoushaireyelash
Customized Tino Faux Mink faux lashes manufacturers FromChina 3D Faux Mink EyelashesIt's production follows strict quality management criteria based on international standards. High quality, soft and glossy,Tino Faux Mink is made from the high quality PBT fiber.It is super easy to fan, it’s a great product especially for new technicians, you can skip the long curse of learning and master the Russian volume technique and create the most glamorous looking eyelashes directly.As you know,Tino Faux Mink we made by a new materila which called xinrong,it is very soft.
Wholesale 2 in 1 adhesive eyeliner pen-Gorgeous Eyelashes Ltd
How to apply eyelashes using Gorgeous eyelashes eyeliner glue pen.You need three things to apply your strip eyelashes, that is Tweezer, a pair of mink eyelashes from Gorgeous eyelashes and an eyeliner glue pen. You can use your own hands instead of using tweezers if you have difficulties holding them.Eyeliner glue pen from Gorgeous Eyelashes is super sticky, fast-drying, anti-allergy and waterproof.Eyeliner glue pen from Gorgeous eyelashes comes in more than 20 styles and in 3 main colors, clear, brown and black. 

Mink Eyelashes Suppliers

With 20 years of experience working with worldwide make-up brands, Gorgeous Lashes fully understands the requests by big brands on quality, service, ect. Our professional communication ensures every process from pre-production meeting to shipment to go on wheels. 

As a result of the experience, we offer one-stop solutions to start up businesses. We help our clients grow fast, and we back each other up like a whole team.


After getting to know the needs from our clients, our sales people guide clients with the products and styles. Before making the final payment, we make sure that quotations, payment terms, lead time, shipping term and even product detailed images and videos would be clarified to the clients. 

At every stage of production, our quality control people inspects and ensures the quality to match the standard. PROFESSIONAL SERVICE, STABLE QUALITY and FACTORY PRICE would strongly back our clients up. 

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Faux Mink 3d Gorgeous Natural Eyelashes Vendor With Wholesale Price,Function Daily makeup ; Length 10mm - 25mm ,Package can be designed according to your requirement
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Gorgeous Eyelashes Ltd is a professional eyelashes and Make-up products manufacturer in China since 1997.

Gorgeous Eyelashes Manufacturer, Our design office, built in 2003, launches fashionable designs every season. We specialize in OEM & ODM. We are able to design private label and customized package. We have been working with worldwide brands and helping start-up business to grow up in the past years.

We love what we do and we are good at what we do. We pledge to continue positioning our products in the forefront of the fashion and beauty industry while generating maximum consumer awareness and demand.

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