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Best clients review Customized glue eyeliner manufacturers - Gorgeous Eyelashes Ltd

Best clients review Customized glue eyeliner manufacturers - Gorgeous Eyelashes Ltd

2 in 1, glue and eyeliner.  While using it, you dont have to use eyelashes glue anymore. Working to Strip Eyelashes and Magnetic Eyelashes.


Features: long lasting whole day, fast drying, water proof, anti-allergy, super sticky, flow smoothly, no leaking, Vegan, MSDS Certificate, various pen tube options and eyeliner colors available, private logo on tube.



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Best clients review Customized glue eyeliner manufacturers - Gorgeous Eyelashes Ltd

New Product! Glue+ Eyeliner in ONE pen. 2 in 1, glue and eyeliner.  While using it, you don’t have to use eyelashes glue anymore. Working to Strip Eyelashes and Magnetic Eyelashes.


The glue Eyeliner has the best adhesive texture in the market. It is fast drying. You don't have to wait dozens of seconds to put eyelashes. It could last whole day. The glue eyeliner is water proof and could be easy to wipe off with make-up removal wipes. The ingredients are purely organic, anti-allergy and is approved by the MSDS. People is safe to use it.

The Glue Eyeliner comes in 3 best seller colors, Clear, Black and Dark Brown.There is no problem to make in other colors.The eyeliner tube has dozens of styles avaiable to you. The tube could be added with private logo with MOQ 50 pcs only. Beautiful paper package without logo is ready togo. Theere is no MOQ for paper package. 

Three Key Points to choose Adhesive eyeliner.

 Number 1.   Sticky. 

We keep improving glue eyeliner since two years ago we created it. We guarantee it is the best sticky eyeliner in the market.The Black Glue Eyeliner type is the quickest to stick in the whole market. It is very easy to apply and easy to remove after a busy day.It can hold for the whole day without any hindrances.Especially the Clear eyeliner compared with other suppliers.

Number 2.       Flow Ejection.  

The glue eyeliner flows smoothly in the right and adequate quantities. You can use them in a rush and be guaranteed never to spoil yourself and start again.

Number 3. No Leaking

The Cotton Tip on the Eyeliner pen holds the liquid very well and steady. You can never stand a chance to stain your hand while using the product.You are guaranteed of no leakage at all.We are the only factory meeting all three Key quality standard. That is why we get dozens of order paid everyday. More impoatant is we have eyeliner+eyelashes set for you. It is more convenient for your clients to use it.


1.What is the MOQ?

50 pcs

2.What is the Leading Time?

Stock styles 1-3 days. No Stock styles 2 weeks

3.Can you do Customized Package?

Yes. Various Package options with your logo


1.We have been helping thousands of Start-up businesses growing up to distributors.

2.We have hot sellers in stock. If you need them delivered soon, we are able to send them out in 3 days.

3.We have our own design office. We are able to duplicate the styles as your request. Besides, we launch dozens of new styles every season.

4.We have been working with worldwide brands for years. We know how to work with big brands and we understand their quality requests.

About Gorgeous Eyelashes Ltd

Gorgeous Eyelashes Ltd is a professional eyelashes and Make-up products manufacturer in China since 1997. Our design office, built-in 2003, launches fashionable designs every season. We specialize in OEM & ODM. We are able to design a private label and customized package. We have been working with worldwide brands and helping start-up businesses to grow up in the past years. We love what we do and we are good at what we do. We pledge to continue positioning our products at the forefront of the fashion and beauty industry while generating maximum consumer awareness and demand.


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