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Wholesale 2 in 1 adhesive eyeliner pen-Gorgeous Eyelashes Ltd

Wholesale 2 in 1 adhesive eyeliner pen-Gorgeous Eyelashes Ltd

How to apply eyelashes using Gorgeous eyelashes eyeliner glue pen.

You need three things to apply your strip eyelashes, that is Tweezer, a pair of mink eyelashes from Gorgeous eyelashes and an eyeliner glue pen. 

You can use your own hands instead of using tweezers if you have difficulties holding them.

Eyeliner glue pen from Gorgeous Eyelashes is super sticky, fast-drying, anti-allergy and waterproof.

Eyeliner glue pen from Gorgeous eyelashes comes in more than 20 styles and in 3 main colors, clear, brown and black. 

About our product


Wholesale 2 in 1 adhesive eyeliner pen-Gorgeous Eyelashes Ltd

How to apply eyelashes using Gorgeous eyelashes eyeliner glue pen.

You need three things to apply your strip eyelashes, that is Tweezer, 

a pair of mink eyelashes from Gorgeous eyelashes and an eyeliner glue pen. 

You can use your own hands instead of using tweezers if you have difficulties holding them.

Eyeliner glue pen from Gorgeous eyelashes is super sticky, fast-drying, anti-allergy and waterproof.

Eyeliner glue pen from Gorgeous eyelashes comes in more than 20 styles and in 3main colors, 

clear, brown and black. 

To all those that would like to start their own make-up businesses and makeup brands, 

Gorgeous eyelashes are the best option for you because we also do customized packaging 

and we can also customize all our custom products. 

Using our Gorgeous eyelashes eyeliner glue pen is very simple because the eyeliner is smudge 

resistant, and no leakage. 

You can use the eyeliner and be guaranteed no leakage at all.

Besides Glue eyeliner, we also do magnetic eyelashes, 3D mink eyelashes, 3D faux mink eyelashes, 

and private label packaging. 

We help clients to choose box styles and make package designs.

We have been working with worldwide brands for years. 

We know how to work with big brands and we understand their quality requests. 

We uphold the quality of our products and give customers the best customer service.


Product   Details

Brand name: Gorgeous

Type: Eyeliner

Feature: Waterproof, High pigment, Super sticky, Anti-allergy

Suit for: strip eyelashes, magnetic eyelash

Ingredient: Chemical

Certification: MSDS

  • Color: Black, Brown,  Clear

  • Shipping: DHL/FedEx/UPS/Aramex

  • Production time: 2-3 weeks

  • Customization: Private Label, Custom Box


1.What is the MOQ?

50 pcs

2.What is the Leading Time?

Stock styles 1-3 days. No Stock styles 2 weeks

3.Can you do Customized Package?

Yes. Various Package options with your logo


1.We have been helping thousands of Start-up businesses growing up to distributors.

2.We have hot sellers in stock. If you need them delivered soon, we are able to send them out in 3 days.

3.We have our own design office. We are able to duplicate the styles as your request. Besides, we launch dozens of new styles every season.

4.We have been working with worldwide brands for years. We know how to work with big brands and we understand their quality requests.

About Gorgeous Eyelashes Ltd

Gorgeous Eyelashes Ltd is a professional eyelashes and Make-up products manufacturer in China since 1997. Our design office, built-in 2003, launches fashionable designs every season. We specialize in OEM & ODM. We are able to design a private label and customized package. We have been working with worldwide brands and helping start-up businesses to grow up in the past years. We love what we do and we are good at what we do. We pledge to continue positioning our products at the forefront of the fashion and beauty industry while generating maximum consumer awareness and demand.

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