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Wholesale 25mm real mink eyelashes supplier-Gorgeous Eyelashes Ltd.

Wholesale 25mm real mink eyelashes supplier-Gorgeous Eyelashes Ltd.

This is our 25 mm real mink eyelashes. We have more than 1000 styles of real mink eyelashes and these are the few catalogs I would like to share with you.

These eyelashes can be made into the clear band and clear band real mink eyelashes. Our real mink eyelashes here at Gorgeous eyelashes are all 3d, super light in weight and even if you wash them with hot water, they will still maintain their original shape. These eyelashes are super durable, you can wear them up to 30 times with no hairs shedding or falling off.

About our product

Wholesale 25mm real mink eyelashes supplier-Gorgeous Eyelashes Ltd.

Gorgeous Eyelashes 3D mink eyelashes have the best 3D effect. The eyelashes have passed the SGS quality test. The mink hair will no shed even pulled using force. They still keep their original shape and good 3D effect, even after washing in hot water. You do not have to worry about your lashes changing shape after cleaning them. They have no problem being reused 30 times.

Gorgeous Eyelashes 3D 25MM mink eyelashes are much longer and thicker than natural eyelashes. 

The eyelashes are multiple layers and naturally curled. The black cotton band is durable and soft, 

it can support the eyelashes well. It is very comfortable like a feather while wearing. 

The clear band is thin and flexible. No hurt to people’s eyes.  

Before delivery, our eyelashes go through a thorough layer upon layer inspection. After the production of eyelashes, quality inspectors will check the quality of the eyelashes one by one. The good ones will go to the next stage and the bad ones will be eliminated. 

We know what is trending in the market because entered the marketing business since 1997.  We have thousands of styles of eyelashes. Our own design department is able to create dozens of new styles every month. We are able to duplicate the styles as clients’ requests.

Besides 3D mink eyelashes, we also do magnetic eyelashes, 3D Faux mink eyelashes, Glue eyeliner, and private label packaging. We help clients to choose box styles and make package designs.


Product   Details


Brand name: Gorgeous Eyelashes
Material: High-quality Siberia real mink, Cruelty-Free.    
Type: Hand made
False eyelashes type: Full strip eyelashes

Band: Black Cotton Band


Shipping: DHL/FedEx/UPS/Aramex

Production time: 2-3 weeks

Customization: Private Label, Custom Box


1.What is the MOQ?

50 pcs

2.What is the Leading Time?

Stock styles 1-3 days. No Stock styles 2 weeks

3.Can you do Customized Package?

Yes. Various Package options with your logo


1.We have been helping thousands of Start-up businesses growing up to distributors.

2.We have hot sellers in stock. If you need them delivered soon, we are able to send them out in 3 days.

3.We have our own design office. We are able to duplicate the styles as your request. Besides, we launch dozens of new styles every season.

4.We have been working with worldwide brands for years. We know how to work with big brands and we understand their quality requests.

25mm eyelashes
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